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Posted on: August 15, 2008 4:55 pm

Why the Olympics were ruined, for me atleast.

When you have sometimes 2 or 3 World Records broken in a single event, that really bugs me. I understand that they go through much more difficult training process then before. But the fact that Speedo's new suit, the LZR Race, is now being worn by swimmers who have sponserships form other companies.  Plus the deepened pool, which bothers me alot more then ths suit. Making a pool deeper then in previous Olymics is just not acceptable. The deeper the pool the less drag, which means faster times.  I know how hard people work to get to the Olympics (I have a sister who had to move out of the state at 15 to train) and I know they all worked very hard for the records. I just want to make sure that the swimmers are breaking them rather then modern technology.

Now about the opening games...I still don't understand the reason behind NBC not showing the opening ceremony live. The fact the none of us in the U.S. actually saw real fireworks bothers me. The fireworks looked exactly the same, but we viewed digital versions (and yes they looked really good). But how about the girl who "won America's heart". Well she wasnt singing, and no it wasn't  lip-synced, but another girl who didn't have a face for tv was singing it live. So i guess it was lip-synced, but not to a recording.

Ali Abrahamian off his medal and placed in on the wrestling mat and walked away. I'm sure you've heard about this, but probibly not on NBC's coverage of the Olympics. This is news. This is what happens. I still have yet to hear about this on NBC.

The "16 year old" from China. Please tell me this will atleast get investigated. I havent heard too much besides the original report. But i hope the IOC finds this matter important enough to take a look at.

And congrats to all the athletes who worked hard this year. And yes sadly I congratulate the ones who didn't make there national team so the went somewhere else, which I'm also angry about. But another blog for another time.

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